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Building Rare Resilience – round three

Upskilling rare community leaders to promote emotional wellbeing

We’re excited to announce that recruitment has opened for the third round of our Member Benefit for staff or volunteers working for Genetic Alliance UK member organisations.

Collaborating with RareMinds, a not-for-profit Community Interest Group specialising in providing professional counselling and wellbeing resources to rare disease organisations, we’re offering the opportunity to take part in a 12 week course to build emotional resilience and wellbeing. 

What the course offers

The sessions will offer the opportunity to learn with, and from, colleagues from other groups and organisations and develop strong peer support networks that can continue once the sessions have finished. 

Joining the groups will help you to:

  • Learn skills to build emotional resilience and protect your own emotional wellbeing.
  • Understand how to manage difficult situations when supporting your members and online communities.
  • Develop techniques to maintain effective boundaries between your personal and professional life when working with your communities.

How and when? 

The sessions will run from 11:00 to 12:15 every Wednesday for 12 weeks, starting on Wednesday 17 November. Although we know unexpected events can occur, you are required as far as possible, to commit to attending each week in order to join the course.

When the sessions have finished there will be the opportunity to take part in an interview study to help us understand more about the effectiveness of the programme. Participation in this is entirely voluntary. 

Please note: there are a limited number of spaces to take part and we will get in touch to confirm whether or not you have a space once we have received your application. For the sake of confidentiality only one person per organisation is able to take part. There will be opportunities for other staff members to participate in the next round of the programme

How do I sign up? Fill in this registration form. If you have any questions, email: [email protected]create new email.

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