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Dr. Beverly Searle to retire as CEO of Unique

Dr. Sarah Wynn to take over from September

After 31 years with the organisation, 22 years as Unique’s CEO, Dr. Beverly Searle will retire on the 31 August. She will be succeeded by Dr. Sarah Wynn, currently an information officer with Unique, as interim CEO. Beverly was already a postdoctoral biologist with a research interest in microbial genetics when her daughter Jenny was born profoundly disabled and medically complex due to a chromosome deletion in 1990. 

Unique is a UK-based charity informing, supporting, networking and matchmaking with anyone affected by a rare chromosome disorder, copy number variant or single nucleotide variant (autosomal dominant or autosomal recessive) associated with learning disability/developmental delay. 

Based on our extensive database/registry which records the lifetime impact of these rare genomic disorders, Unique can provide anonymised information to clinicians and has a suite of over 700 expert-verified disorder-specific, generic and practical daily living information guides freely available from our website. Thanks to a vast army of geneticists and other professionals working pro bono, many of these guides have been translated into 17 different languages. We give presentations to departments about Unique’s work, the challenges our families face and how we can work together with the clinical community. Please get in touch if this would be of interest to your department [email protected]create new email.  

Unique comprises a small team of 10 staff members (6 WTEs) bringing a powerful combination of professional expertise and lived experience of these rare genomic disorders. Three staff members, including Sarah Wynn, are studying for an MSc in Genetic and Genomic Counselling. 

Beverly says:

It has been an honour and a privilege to work collaboratively with so many amazing families, support groups and talented, generous professionals over the years to build Unique into the strong, impactful and rapidly growing organisation of over 24,000 member families that it is today. I know that Unique is in safe hands as Sarah picks up the baton and will go from strength to strength.  Thank you all!”.

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