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Genome UK Implementation Plan

In September 2020 the UK government released a genomics strategy ‘Genome UK – the future of healthcare’ and last week, they published the implementation plan for this strategy. 

Aims of the Genome UK Strategy

Genome UK is a ten year strategy that aims to create an advanced genomic healthcare system that delivers better health at lower costs for people across the UK.  

This strategy has a total of 24 commitments across three overarching pillars covering; diagnosis and personalised medicine, prevention and early detection, and research. 

The Implementation Plan

The implementation plan acknowledges that health is devolved and therefore, in order to ensure that the commitments made in the Genome UK strategy are well aligned across the four nations, an overarching Implementation Coordination Group has been established. This group has UK-wide representation and will meet regularly to track progress against the commitments made in the Genome UK strategy. 

The implementation plan also highlights five priority actions for the financial year 2021- 2022:

  • Improve the diversity of genomic data and address the under-representation of data from ethnic minority groups in genomic datasets
  • Roll-out the use of whole genome sequencing for people with a suspected rare condition and certain cancers via the NHS Genomic Medicine Service
  • Integrate data sources and new technologies to improve the speed and comprehensiveness of genomic testing for cancer
  • Drive developments in diagnostics and clinical tools including the evaluation of polygenic risk scores (PRS), drug discovery and clinical trials
  • Work towards developing standards and policies for sharing genomic and related health data

Watch a webinar hosted by the PHG foundation, where they discuss the implementation plan. For more information, read the full implementation plan and see what our policy team’s thoughts are on the Genome UK strategy

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