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How to talk about genome sequencing?

Genome sequencing is…’

How confident are you when completing this sentence and discussing it with your patient community?

Genome sequencing has the potential to speed up diagnosis, reduce lengthy diagnostic odysseys and provide effective treatment for many genetic conditions. Earlier this month, the NHS Genomics Medicine Service was launched, with a commitment to sequence one million genomes. Now, more than ever, it is important to ensure that the patient community is informed on genome sequencing and genomics.

We are working with the Public Engagement team from the Wellcome Genome Campus and researchers from the Wellcome Sanger Institute to develop a toolkit to help you talk about genome sequencing.

What happens next?

On November 12,  patients and researchers will work together to:

  • identify what patients and their families  want and need to know about genome sequencing;
  • develop materials to facilitate a dialogue about genome sequencing and the impact it can have on their patients and families.

We will then take the learnings from this workshop to develop a toolkit. Those selected to take part will be asked to test the resources with their community or at events organised by Genetic Alliance UK.

Patients and researchers will meet again, to discuss what worked and what can be improved.

I am interested in taking part. What do I need to?

Recruitment for this workshop has now closed.

We will be in contact with successful applicants by October 26. We will cover reasonable travel expenses, provided you submit the details by 29 October

It is possible that not everyone who wants to will be able to take part. We will ask you some basic questions about you and/or the person you care for (e.g. condition and your location). This is to help us with selecting participants so that, if we cannot manage to include everybody, we will be able to include a broad range of people and conditions.

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