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Webinar: ethics of genome editing

In the future, we might be able to edit the genes of future generations to avoid genetic diseases. Should it be allowed?

Should the editing of human genes be restricted to treatment only?

Should the use of genome editing be restricted to somatic cells, so that the changes are not passed on to next generations?

We are hosting a webinar to discuss these and other ethical challenges associated with genome editing. You can register to take part here. Once you sign up you will receive information on how to join.

Genetic Alliance UK is not the only organisation interested in hearing your views on when genome editing should be allowed. The Nuffield Council on Bioethics has also opened a public survey on genome editing for human reproduction. If you want to examine the Nuffield survey before you participate in our webinar, some of the themes there might introduce good discussion topics. You can complete the  opens in a new windowNuffield Council’s survey here or download a  opens in a new windowpreview hereopens PDF file .

What is genome editing?

opens in a new windowGenome editing is an excellent research tool. It is used to, among others things, advance our knowledge of how cells and tissues work and to develop animal models for genetic conditions. In the future, genome editing might be used to treat and cure patients affected by genetic conditions.

Why should I take part?

Before that becomes a reality, we want to involve patients and the wider population in an informed debate. As part of our  opens in a new windowTalking about genome editing project, we have been working with patients and parents affected by genetic conditions to understand the type of language and metaphors that facilitate understanding of genome editing. We are now hosting a webinar and want to hear patients and their families’ views and concerns regarding uses of genome editing. We will use the findings from this project to develop resources on how to communicate about this topic.

If you have any questions or need more information, please contact  opens in a new windowMariana Camposcreate new email.

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