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Barth Syndrome Uk

Barth syndrome is a rare genetic condition that mostly affects boys.

Main symptoms:
Heart muscle weakness (cardiomyopathy)
Neutropenia (lack of white blood cells needed to fight bacterial infections).
Fatigue and general muscle weakness.
Growth/feeding issues

Barth Syndrome UK is a well-established community of families, medical professionals, scientists, donors and volunteers with links to other affiliates all around the world. We provide the most comprehensive source of reliable and current information about this condition and we invite you to visit our pages to find the information you seek. We are dedicated to saving lives through education, advances in treatment, and finding a cure for Barth syndrome – a sometimes fatal, often debilitating genetic disease. Working together we are making a difference in the lives of children and their families. One day there will be a cure; please join us and help us make that day come sooner.

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