cgd society

CGD Society

The Chronic Granulomatous Disorder Society (CGD Society) is based in the UK and was originally registered as a charity in 1991 under the name The Chronic Granulomatous Disorder Research Trust. Over the years, the charity has transformed from a small parent support group into a leading global source of information on chronic granulomatous disorder. Jeans for Genes Day In 1992, the charity came up with the fundraising idea of organising a Jeans for Genes Day, when school children and employees donate money to wear their jeans instead of their school uniform or work clothes. The day was a great success and has since become a national event in the fundraising calendar. Genetic Disorders UK In 2011, the CGD Society granted a licence to Genetic Disorders UK to manage Jeans for Genes Day each year. The CGD Society receives a licence fee from the use of the Jeans for Genes Day and Genetic Disorders UK trademarks which funds the majority of the charity's activities. The remaining income is raised through voluntary donations from members and supporters.

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