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The Lily Foundation

The Lily Foundation is committed to finding a cure for mitochondrial disease, through funding research, raising awareness and family support.Our AimsThe Lily Foundation is the UK’s leading charity dedicated to fighting mitochondrial disease. Our mission is to support people whose lives are affected by the condition, raise awareness and fund research into its prevention, diagnosis and treatment. 10 million people in the UK suffer from diseases in which mitochondrial dysfunction is believed to be involved, and every day in the UK a baby is born that will develop mitochondrial disease. The Lily Foundation is fighting to change this, with our ultimate aim being to one day find a cure.Our ValuesWe understand that every mito story is differentMitochondrial disease is a complex condition that affects people medically in a wide variety of ways. Every mito family will have different needs and different – often very difficult – choices to make. We respect every family’s right to choose their own path in dealing with the disease and aim to support them where we can.We respect the UK medical profession and its codes of practiceThe UK is a world leader in mitochondrial disease research and in the standard of care available to mito patients. The Lily Foundation respects the expertise and dedication of the medical professionals we work with and adheres to the overriding principle in UK medical law that the interests of the patient always come first, which is not the case in all countries.Solid facts are better than false hopeLiving with a severely life-limiting disease is a daily battle that requires tremendous emotional and physical endurance. Rather than offer false hope to people in this situation we believe in providing them with clear answers. Every day we are increasing our knowledge about mito, and the more we learn the more effectively we can work together to overcome it.Investment in research gets resultsSupporting medical research into mitochondrial disease is a fundamental aspect of our work, not only because it could potentially lead to a cure but also because it helps to improve lives now. Lily-funded research projects have already resulted in faster, less invasive patient diagnosis and helped families affected by mitochondrial illness to have healthy babies. Several promising avenues for new treatments are also currently being explored.Our families are our greatest strengthOver 10 years we have built an incredible network of support among families dealing with mitochondrial disease. By bringing families together and listening to their needs we become stronger and better able to achieve our aims. Together our families are ‘The Lily Foundation’ and it is their amazing strength, energy and spirit that makes our work possible.

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