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The Smith-Magenis Syndrome (Sms) Foundation Uk

Our Vision:Every person with Smith-Magenis Syndrome shall have a fulfilling life within a supportive and understanding community.Our Mission:The Smith-Magenis Syndrome (SMS) Foundation UK shall be at the heart of our community of individuals, families, carers and professionals living and working with Smith-Magenis Syndrome and we will be the first point of contact for those seeking information and support. Nobody living with SMS should ever feel isolated or alone. Through our conferences and events, online presence and social media platforms we will connect families, raise awareness and build futures.Together we shall gain and share knowledge through research and experience, seeking all opportunities to educate and promote understanding of the syndrome. We value every person affected by Smith-Magenis Syndrome and shall empower them to reach their full potential as respected members of society.Connecting Families – Raising Awareness – Building Futures

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