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Our new partnership with The MedicAlert Foundation

Last Reviewed 24/06/2020

By jayne spink

We are proud to announce our new partnership with The MedicAlert Foundation, the UK’s only charity providing medical ID services. This partnership will allow those with genetic, rare and undiagnosed conditions to save 10% on The MedicAlert Foundation’s service, while also raising valuable funds for Genetic Alliance UK.

MedicAlert protects those with underlying medical conditions, keeping them safe in emergencies, by ensuring that care decisions can be made based on their needs. As a MedicAlert member, your record will detail your conditions, allergies, medications, history, implants and emergency contacts, as well as scanned documents such as health management plans, advance decisions and reports. Your record will be carefully checked by a registered Nurse when it is created and every time it is updated.

You can choose from over 60 styles of medical ID jewellery, each holding the internationally recognised MedicAlert symbol. It will be engraved with your most vital information, along with the 24/7 emergency helpline and your unique membership number.

In an emergency, first responders will be alerted to your most vital medical needs via your jewellery. They can then access your full record, if required, via the 24/7 helpline from anywhere in the world in over 100 languages and dialects. This information will help to ensure that care decisions are appropriate and that potentially fatal errors are avoided.

In addition, your MedicAlert record can be accessed outside of emergency situations by medical professionals who may not be aware of your genetic, rare or undiagnosed condition. Individual health management plans or condition-specific information sheets can be held within your scanned documents section, to support your care and remove the need to carry information with you at all times.

Kate is pictured smiling whilst holding a bird

Kate lives with Long QT syndrome, a rare heart condition which often goes undiagnosed. She has been a MedicAlert member since her 20s, when she started to collapse on a regular basis before going into cardiac arrest at work.

Her condition means her heart can go into a life-threatening arrhythmia, caused by something as mundane as her alarm clock. However, she maintains an active social life and works full-time.

Kate said: ‘With the confidence I have with my MedicAlert bracelet and membership, I carry on my everyday life as before and know that the right people will be called if I ever need them.’

To benefit from a 10% discount on both membership and medical ID jewellery simply use this special discount code when ordering: GA10MAF. 

The MedicAlert Foundation will donate 5% of the purchase value every time the code is used!

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