New Welsh antimicrobial resistance delivery plan

In response to the increasing international problem of drug resistant infections, the Welsh Government is now holding a consultation for patients and the public to comment on the draft Welsh delivery plan, part of the UK Antimicrobial Resistance Strategy

The problem of drug resistant infections is of particular interest to the genetic condition community – there are a number of factors common to this group that can raise a patients’ risk of getting infections, and harbouring chronic infections. These can include: compromised or absent immune systems, the suppression of an over active immune system, immune suppression after organ transplantation, skin conditions that foster infection, unusual lung morphology that can lead to infection, and muscle weakness that makes coughing and sneezing less effective as natural defences.

For some in the rare disease community, infections that are resistant to drugs can be deadly.

Whilst we have welcomed the Welsh Government’s commitment to tackle this problem, the delivery plan does not take account the specific needs of those in the genetic and rare disease community who use antibiotics. The delivery plan focuses on the use of antibiotics for more common infections and minor injuries – taking no account of the types of life-long condition which use antibiotics as part of their treatment.