Genomics and genome-editing inquiry evidence

The House of Commons Science and Technology Committee is conducting an inquiry into genomics and genome-editing. We have submitted written evidence that you can read on the left hand side of this page.

The topics of this inquiry are important to the patients, families and patient organisations that we represent. Genomic and genome-editing technologies are tools with tremendous potential to further our understanding of genetic conditions, and to develop treatments for genetic conditions.

In our evidence we summarise some of the key findings from our two Patient Charters that look at patient views of genome sequencing for rare disease and cancer, and the report produced by the APPG for rare, genetic and undiagnosed conditions which looks at the impact that genome sequencing has had on families affected by undiagnosed genetic conditions.

Genome editing is separate technology that encompassed a broad set of techniques with multiple applications. In the context of human health, we see these dividing into two broad domains: treatment and research, each with important sub-domains that are at various states of progress.