Prior to retiring, Liz (Elizabeth) was Head of Strategic Planning and Clinical Priorities with the Scottish Government Health & Social Care Directorates. She led the development of several clinical strategies including the National Clinical Strategy, the Cancer Strategy, coronary heart disease/stroke and diabetes policies and the Scottish Rare Disease Plan. She was a member of the implementation group and of the then UK Rare Disease Forum. She was the Government sponsor of Scotland’s National Services Division which commissions all national (including across UK) specialist and screening services, and she contributed to the establishment of the Innovative Healthcare Delivery Programme and the Scottish Genomes Partnership which are integral to current and planned service delivery and the latest Scottish Government Rare Disease Plan. Liz brings lived experience as a carer as she supported her son and his family after he was diagnosed with Huntington’s Disease (the first case in both families) until he died in 2019.  Liz is also Vice Chair of Sight Scotland and Sight Scotland Veterans (previously known as Royal Blind Scotland and Scottish War Blinded).