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All of the latest news and updates from Genetic Alliance UK can be found below. This includes the release of our latest reports and findings, as well as pieces that our member organisations have requested that we share.


We also share stories, images and experiences from those living with genetic, rare and undiagnosed conditions. Individuals affected by these conditions are at the heart of everything that we do and we want to champion these communities by amplifying their voices, individually and collectively. 


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A girl sat in a wheelchair hold on to the hand of an adult woman with long straight hair. Between them sits a small toy bear that has 'naitbabies' written on it's small shirt.



Thea founded Naitbabies in 2011 after her granddaughter was diagnosed with fetal neonatal alloimmune thrombocytopenia (FNAIT). She talks about her family's story and about the incredible work of the charity.

A young boy lying on is front. He props his head up and looks up to the sky looking to be in deep thought. A pumpkin made from material is sat next to him and he lies on a grey, knitted blanket.

Elijah’s story told by his mum, Lorena


After a year of unusual development traits and epilepsy, Elijah received the diagnosis of MEF2C Haploinsufficiency Syndrome. Elijah is now 4 years old and life still throws it's challenges for the family. This is their story so far.

A ‘Manifesto for rare diseases’ ahead of coming General Election


Genetic Alliance UK and the SHCA have come together ahead of the General Election to develop a joint manifesto for people with rare conditions. While they are individually rare, collectively rare conditions are common – 1 in 17 people are affected, equating to 3.5 million in the UK alone.

Scott and Jamie – Boccia UK


Scott, 32, and Jamie McCowan, 28, are brothers and live in Scotland. They both have Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and they have both achieved incredible careers in the sport of boccia, travelling the world and competing at the Paralympic Games.

Liz’s NF1 story – This is the real me


For Rare Disease Day, Nerve Tumours UK are raising awareness by focusing on stories that highlight the impact of NF (the group name for Neurofibromatosis Type 1, NF2-related-Schwannomatosis and Schwannomatosis) every day. They want to #MakeNFVisible. This is Liz's story.

Jane’s story


Over 2 pregnancies, Jane lost 5 inches in height due to the rare condition, Pregnancy-and-Lactation Osteoporosis. It took years to diagnose and there wasn't much support until she found a group on Facebook. Read Jane's story below.

Violet’s story


From her birth in 2022, Violet had many tests done. In 2023 she was diagnosed with TBCK syndrome. Violet's case was presenting as severe and life limiting. At 11 months old, she passed away. This is her story.