JustGiving fundraising is changing

JustGiving fundraising is changing

You can now fundraise for Genetic Alliance UK on our new JustGiving page. We have re-launched our JustGiving page, merging our SWAN UK and Rare Disease UK pages, and giving the opportunity to fundraise for Genetic Alliance UK for the first time.

What will happen to my SWAN UK/Rare Disease UK fundraising page?

Your fundraising page will stay open and be supported by JustGiving until it expires. Please check the expiry date of your page to ensure it stays open.

Can I still fundraise for SWAN UK and/or Rare Disease UK?

Yes! Through Campaign pages on the new Genetic Alliance UK JustGiving page, you can still fundraise for, and donate to, SWAN UK, Undiagnosed Children’s Day and Rare Disease UK.

Why are you doing this?

Who we are. Many people don’t know that both the Rare Disease UK campaign and SWAN UK support network are run by the charity Genetic Alliance UK.
Funding. We need more people to give unrestricted donations to Genetic Alliance UK, to support everything we do, and also help pay for necessities like the electricity bill!
Time. We hope that simplifying some of our administration will give us back time to do more to support the rare, genetic and undiagnosed communities in the UK.


If you have any thoughts or feedback, please contact our Fundraising Manager Claire at fundraising@geneticalliance.org.uk